Published 7/9/2023

Bear Arms Brewing and Brother's Firearms

Gear Up with Bear Arms Brewing Company at Brother's Firearms

Get ready to unleash your beer-loving, Second Amendment-wielding awesomeness! We're thrilled to announce that Bear Arms Brewing Company gear is now available at Brother's Firearms, nestled in the Grand City's mall in Grand Forks. Grab one of our stylish hats and comfy shirts to take your patriotism to freedom-loving levels. Because nothing says "I love America" like sporting a brew-tastic gear while browsing firearms. Visit Brother’s today and elevate your patriotism with our exceptional Bear Arms Brewing gear.

Explore Their Firearm Selection While Browsing Bear Arms Swag
As you browse our awesome gear, seize the opportunity to explore their vast selection of firearms. With a team of knowledgeable staff at your side, finding the perfect addition to your collection becomes an effortless experience. From flamethrowers to suppressors, and everyday conceal and carry options, they have all your firearm needs covered. This perfect blend of style and firepower empowers you to exercise your rights with confidence and make a lasting impression.
Stay Tuned For More Updates
Stay tuned for regular updates as we navigate through the paperwork, secure the necessary licenses, and in order for us to brew awesome beer for people who love America. We're eager to share our progress, challenges, and successes with you. Together, we'll raise a glass and celebrate the realization of our brewing dreams. Cheers to the future of Bear Arms Brewing Company!